It’s hard to believe that the trip is over.  I’m writing this as I’m back in the USA—sitting comfortably in our son’s house in Charlotte.  Here are a few thoughts—I’m sure there will be more.

First of all, transportation is amazing.  I’m glad I didn’t have to drive anywhere while we were there.  As we sat comfortably on a bus, I had to choose not to be anxious about the situations the drivers were facing.  The driver of our bus was so calm and never seemed to get angry, although we did see a little of that from other drivers.  It seems as though everyone understands that you go through tight squeezes and basically work your way into the traffic flow.

We saw lots of small motorcycles that dart around traffic, sometimes with four people on them.  There are also lots of small trucks with covered metal racks that serve as taxis.  Oftentimes, they are absolutely packed with people—sometimes even on top!  An example is pictured below, although it’s not a great picture.

We left the hotel for the final time and went even higher up the mountain above PAP to have lunch at a restaurant named Observatoire.  It was on the side of the mountain with a stunning view of the cities below.  It was a bit hazy, but here are a couple pictures of the view.

As I think back to the opportunity that I’ve had for this trip, I’m left with two words.  Amazed and thankful.

First of all, I’m amazed at life in Haiti, amazed by the people in Haiti, amazed that Habitat is doing such  phenomenal work in Haiti.  I’m amazed that I’m able to be part of an organization that means so much to people and communities where we are building and doing community development.  I’m amazed when thinking of providing access to housing.

And I’m thankful.  Thankful for the opportunity to take this trip, thankful for a board of directors and staff that have fully supported and encouraged me to take this trip, thankful for the donors who helped with the costs of the trip.  And thankful most of all for the fact that I wake up every morning looking forward to working for the best organization in the world.

Thanks for coming along on this trip with me!!!